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5 Practical Tips to Instantly Improve Your Next Virtual Client Meeting

In these uncertain times, business owners have had to adapt, and many are in new territory as they continue serving their clients. For many, this includes conducting client meetings virtually.

If you’re used to having in-person face time with clients, this can be an adjustment. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult — especially if armed with these five practical ideas to help improve your virtual client meetings.

1. Use your computer audio instead of your smartphone.

  • When holding a virtual sales call with a client, there’s a better chance the call could cut out if you’re using your smartphone. This you risk missing important details or being forced to ask the client to repeat themselves. Have ___ ever ____  to _____  yourself a few ___ due to a cell phone _____ out? Talk about irritating! You can use computer audio to help eliminate this issue.
  • If you thought you could hold your phone steady and take notes… think again. It’s much easier to use the video and audio functions on your computer to make sure the client has the best experience and so you can take notes or maneuver through slides with ease.
  • For earbud wearers, try not to move around much as they could fall out or create that rustling sound for the other person, muffling your words.
  • Also, be mindful of the acoustics in the room for the best audio experience (carpet helps). Don’t turn speaker volume all the way up or you run the risk of an echo for the other person. Make sure you move the webcam mic away from speakers and mute other’s mics when you’re talking to cut down on interference. If you hear your own voice echoing, it’s likely the other person with the issue and vice versa.
  • It’s courteous to mute your own microphone when you are not the one speaking. Some microphones may pick up on the sound of typing or other background noises. Minimizing the chance for destructing noises benefits everyone on the call.

2. Turn off your reminders before the meeting begins.

  • It can be quite distracting to be in a virtual meeting and have someone’s email notifications pop up on the screen or reminders for other meetings displayed. Next thing you know, someone’s missed what you said because they were reading your message that popped up on the screen.
  •  Plus, if those were for other clients, it can get messy. The client in your current meeting can’t help but feel like they don’t have your undivided attention and you can easily get flustered having to close out of these things.

3. Use video best practices.

  • Look at the camera rather than the screen when you’re speaking. It’s natural for your eye to go to the image on the screen, but it’s less awkward for the client and more like an in-person meeting with eye contact when you look directly into your webcam.
  • Be aware of your facial expressions… when in doubt, smile!
  • Also, dress for the camera — it does make a difference. Is black your go-to color? Not on video it isn’t… wearing black can make you look washed out and age you because of the shadows it casts on your face. Your best bet is to stick to jewel tones like ruby red or sapphire blue. These deep, rich colors look good on almost everyone. Dress professionally even if you’re working from home because it will put you in the right frame of mind and boost your confidence. That can be hard to do in button-down shirt and sweatpants. Just remember to stay away from busy patterns like chevron, hounds tooth and pinstripes — they get a little trippy for the other person.
  • You’ll also need to find an uncluttered place to host the meeting. Look for a space with a neutral background and as little as possible to distract. You want the client focused on your words, not your cluttered living room turned home office. When it comes to the best lighting for a virtual meeting, try to avoid being backlit. Face the light source instead for a more welcoming look.

4. Choose video over phone when you can.

  • If you’re used to meeting clients in person, a video meeting is the next best thing.
  • We know a video meeting can’t replace the real thing, but it does help foster more of a personal connection versus only audio. That’s why we’re seeing so many virtual happy hours at the moment.
  • Plus, we all know how things can be misinterpreted when you can’t see the face of the person speaking or writing (Hello, ALL CAPS). Cut down on miscommunication by opting for video.

5. Don’t let your virtual client meeting be your first virtual meeting (or your last for that matter).

  • Don’t save your first virtual meeting experience for a client. Make sure you do a practice run with a colleague to ensure all technology works properly.
  • Even though you can’t predict a technological issue, if you’re familiar with the technology and as comfortable on camera as possible, you’ll be much better at handling the unexpected.

While these 5 tips aren’t huge undertakings, they are small tweaks you can make to improve the current situation for yourself AND for your clients.

If you’re in a business that’s not directly impacted by coronavirus and in some cases, even if you are, now is the time to pivot, not perish. Meaning, embrace our new normal as much as you can and use these tips to make your virtual client meetings an exceptional experience — one your clients and prospects will remember you for long after we’ve pushed through this difficult time together.

Here at AKC Marketing, we want to know — what do you need right now? How are you holding up and how can we help? With all that’s going on, it might be tempting to cut marketing and maybe you should. But there’s an even greater chance you do need it and that’s what we’re here for — we’ve got that covered— while you focus on what needs your attention today. Be well.

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