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Can being a workaholic negatively impact your career?

At AKC Marketing, our stated company priorities focus on family, doing well by the people we work for and being honest. We strive to maintain a sensible balance of doing good work and maintaining a fulfilling life away from the office. We would love to put this successful philosophy into action for you.


Can being a workaholic negatively impact your career?

We hear about people who are considered slackers and how that can impair their careers. But what about workaholics? Can “working too hard” be a bad thing? Small business expert Tina Samuels* explored the possibilities.

True workaholics tend to turn everything in their lives into a job.

From relationships to their careers, workaholics can take a good work ethic and turn it into something malignant.

Superstar — or demonically-driven?

Working hard can impress your boss. You take on extra hours, perform the job of two people and rush to complete every task with perfect results. Your boss begins to see you as irreplaceable.

Having your boss think you're a great worker is wonderful, but it can sometimes hinder the progress of your career. If your boss thinks they can't replace you, you're going to be stuck there. Alternately, if you’re trying to work toward management, your boss may think you'd be too demanding on other workers. Your performance and work ethic might cause others to think you’d expect employees under you to perform just as hard as you — unrealistic expectations for people who aren’t workaholics.

Workaholics tend to have bad health after a prolonged period.

Expectations and high stress weigh heavily on the body. Workaholics may have a higher rate of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and neurological impacts from prolonged stress.

“Workin' too hard can give you

A heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack

You oughta know by now … .”

— Billy Joel, “Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)”

Burnout rates are high among people who chain themselves to their jobs. Physical and mental breakdowns can land you in the hospital if you've been a workaholic for a long time — even after a short time if you're exceptionally stressed.

Career Relationships

Workaholics may get the idea that they are above everyone else, performance-wise. This attitude can push away other employees, causing people to think you’re impossible to work with or to please. While your boss may be happy with your performance, destroying the morale of other workers can damage your position.

It can be hard to understand why others are not working hard, but your perceived notions of hard work may be different than others.

When you spend all of your time working, you can create the impression that you believe you’re better than the rest of the staff — sometimes even better than your boss.

If working too much is a problem for you — or for those who love you — consider channeling some of your work ethic into other activities.

Charity work, volunteering and even home projects can divert your working persona into other, less-stressful avenues. Hobbies can help you become more flexible and enjoyable for others to be around. You may find that your performance at work is still strong and appreciated even if you cut back on self-imposed hours.

For the AKC team, when we maintain balance in our lives, we’re better able to perform our magic for you. Work smarter, not harder, with AKC Marketing. What can we do for you? @


*Tina Samuels writes about small business payroll, social media and merchant accounts for a variety of websites, including




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