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Excerpts from “Four Critical Aspects of a Successful Client/Agency Relationship"

by Emily H. Griebel

A client/agency relationship is like a marriage: each party flourishes when the connection is healthy and strong. Here are four key aspects that make for more fruitful exchanges that can lead to mutual success:

Respect each other’s work style. Working with people (companies) with a style similar to our own makes work more enjoyable. Communicating by methods others respond well to makes for more productive professional relationships, resulting in:

Accomplishing tasks at the same pace
Having comparable beliefs/philosophies.

Value one another’s expertise. A good agency doesn’t think it knows more about the client’s business than the client, similarly a good client values the skills and experience of the agency. Having mutual respect for others’ proficiencies makes for solid collaboration and/or compromise.

Be frank and direct. Marketing and advertising are often subjective; opinions will differ. It’s beneficial for clients and agencies to have healthy debates; it makes the ideas better. Disagreements don’t need to be destructive. Although it may be tough to share negative feedback, it can be delivered in a positive, constructive way. Good things happen when each side isn’t afraid to be honest with the other.

Show appreciation for a good partnership. Clients invest a hefty portion of their budget in a marketing firm. Agencies should keep this in mind and thank clients for their business and putting their trust in the firm. Conversely, agencies also like to hear clients say “Thank You” and “Great Job” every once in a while.

Whether you’re on the client or agency side, consider how you fare on these items — obvious, but helpful to remember. Open, honest communication can only make for a better connection between two parties.

If you’re ready for an honest, fruitful dialog with AKC Marketing, please contact us.

Emily H. Griebel is a marketing strategist who has worked at some of the country’s top marketing firms with a variety of well-known brands. 

At AKC Marketing we honestly assess the perception of your company. We push to market you above your competition. We do this by igniting your inner brand - focusing on what your true value to the marketplace is. To make it impossible to be ignored in your industry.
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