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Is Social Media Right for Your Business?

I'll start with the most obvious sentence I can, "Social media is everywhere." And as a business in 2019, you do need it. But not all social media is created equally so stick with it for a minute.

Think about the last time you ate at a buffet. You sampled a little bit of this…and a little bit of that…and gorged yourself on food that wasn’t even that great just because it was there. This is how a lot of businesses approach their social media marketing. Sampling everything because they can but ending up with a mediocre and — worst of all —forgettable experience.

Businesses would have better results with a less is more approach. If a scattering of disjointed content is the buffet of social media, becoming a content authority is the fine dining experience. Memorable and worth seeking out.

Which platform should you use and why?

The best place to start to answer this question is with your ideal customer buyer personas.

Where do your ideal customers hang out? This will tell you the platform you should be on.

What do they want from you? This tells you which content you should be producing.

Primary User: 20-something male or female.
Content type:
  • New product info
  • Behind-the-scenes footage
  • Your employees out doing cool things for the company
Primary User: Men and women, age 25-54
Content type:
  • Helpful information
  • Humor
  • Relatable Stories
Primary User: Women, age 18-29
Content Type:
  • Captivating photos and videos
  • Motivational quotes
Ideal Customer: Women under 40
Content Type:
  • Boards or pins that inspire someone to get out and do something
  • Curated content around your business’ area of expertise
Primary User: B2B-minded professionals looking to build business relationships
Content Type:
  • Longer form articles to sharing tips or views on a subject
  • Intriguing headlines and new, relevant information to spark discussions
Primary User: College-educated millennial with above-average incomes who seek out newsworthy info
Content Type:
  • Questions or Twitter polls
  • Blurbs of 140 characters or less, including images and relevant hashtags
Primary User: Men and women ranging from 18-49
Content Type:
  • How-to videos that you will post consistently
  • Product reviews
  • Vlog


How do you make it work for your business?

The key is to find a couple of social media platforms that you can do REALLY well and focus your efforts there. It doesn’t mean you can’t change where you post in the future, but don’t spread yourself too thin on a bunch of different sites where you end up getting zero traction from any of them.

Social media marketing helps you connect with your target audience and ultimately, drive prospects to your email list so that you can speak to them on a more one-to-one basis and nurture them into the sale.

What are the hidden benefits of social media?

Think about the number of followers you have— but before you get too concerned, think about all the followers THEY have. That’s what’s cool about social media—getting more people interested enough to follow and share your updates means an exponential growth in your reach.

How do you take advantage of that?

  • Create shareable content. Shareable content is content that’s proven to do best on each platform.
  • Use Calls-to-Action. There’s more to social media than getting eyes on your content. Don’t leave them hanging— give them direction with a Call-to-Action that directs them to other content or an email newsletter.
  • Have fun. Promote contests, giveaways or quizzes. If you try to be all business on most of these sites, you’re going to be ignored.
  • Apply “social listening” skills. This is like eavesdropping online. Check out what people are posting in the comment section of your blogs or your competitors’ blogs. What are they complaining about? These insights are valuable. You can use this language in your own content to relate to prospects and identify problems they’re facing using their own words. Nothing says you “get it” like speaking someone’s language.

We’ve went over what you should be doing to use social media more effectively for your business, but there are also some cringeworthy moves that you should avoid.

A few things NOT to do on social media

Don't hop on every trend. A trend can get you a boost in profile when everyone is searching for and sharing it, but it’s also a crowded field. If your company has nothing to do with a trend for #healthyliving or #SpaceExploration, don't try to fake it.

Don’t ignore your followers. When someone interacts with you via a Like, a Share, a Retweet, a Mention or a Comment, they are showing interest in your company. Even if it’s an objection or complaint—it’s still an opportunity for you turn someone into a raving fan of the company.

Don't be inauthentic. We’ve all seen the older guy who shows up to a party trying to hang with the 20-something crowd. He says the wrong stuff, he isn’t dressed right and people are clearly giving him eye-rolls behind his back.

Don't use the wrong platform for the content. Find the best places for you to spend time where you’ll fit in and be welcomed.

Don't spam your followers on social media by blasting out sales pitches... this is a turn-off for savvy customers and actually every person on the planet. It can be tempting to use social media this way since you know your ideal customers are out there, but you should refrain from these types of posts. Social media is for connecting and showing that you are the content authority, not becoming a sleazy salesman that people avoid.

Don't use corporate-speak. This is a surefire way to be overlooked. Consumers hear enough of this day-in, day-out. Show a little personality on your social media accounts.

Overall, social media is a two-way street. Acknowledge the people who take the time to engage with your company.

In conclusion

There’s a smorgasbord of different social media platforms. Not all will satisfy your craving for more website visits, more email subscribers, more sales, or more lifelong customers. You have to be choosy.

Trouble deciding which platform will give you the best ROI? Contact AKC Marketing today—we can help you narrow your options and focus on the ones that will matter the most for your business.

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