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Looking to increase Marketing Qualified Leads? We have 10 tips for Lead Magnets that attract ideal clients

As an agency, we understand how much data you are sifting through in order to find prospective clients that will turn into customers. While finding the right prospect is a numbers game, you can also use a marketing qualified lead (MQL) system to identify those prospects more likely to purchase your product or service. HubSpot defines an MQL as a lead who has been deemed more likely to become a customer compared to other leads. This qualification is based on web pages visited, what has been downloaded and other similar engagement with the business’s content. The tools employed to help identify and move along MQLs are called lead magnets.

In the marketing world, magnets are an effective technique for gaining a prospect’s contact information. Often, magnets can take a lot of time and energy to produce – time and energy you might not have as a business owner. Below we offer ten tips for easy lead magnets that can save you time and maximize MQLs for your business.

CONTENT: The first three tips are focused on the topic of your lead magnet.

1. Give them a quick win. What you cover in your lead magnet should help your ideal client solve a specific aspect of a bigger problem that your paid product or service solves. You can’t eliminate a complex and major problem in a lead magnet and you shouldn’t try to. That’s what your product or service is designed to do.

Instead, you want to take the first step in solving that big problem and make that the focus of your lead magnet. This quick win establishes trust in your business and provides positive momentum to push them towards your paid offer.

2. Make sure they know the outcome they’ll receive. Not only does the lead magnet have to deliver that quick win once an opt-in occurs, but in order to even get the prospect to that point, you need to tell them exactly what they’ll be able to achieve when downloading and consuming your lead magnet. Make this very clear on opt-in page.

3. Have a clear call-to-action. Your lead magnet should tell your prospect what to do next. This is where it can be helpful to have your entire process mapped out. What does someone need to do first, second, third, etc. when working with you?

In other words, what happens from the time they are completely unaware of your business up to and including when they purchase your product or service until they solve their big problem and get the result you promised them?

Have a call-to-action that leads them step by step through this process.

TYPE: The next tips will be on how to choose the best format for your lead magnet.

4. Keep it concise. You don’t want to just pump out lead magnets without any thought, but you also don’t want to spend so much time creating this huge, in-depth lead magnet offer because the truth is, very few people will actually take the time to go through it. The idea is to make your lead magnet tightly focused on one specific outcome and choose the type of content most suited for delivering it.  

5. Choose the right lead magnet format. Lead magnets can take many different forms and what you choose will be depend on what will be the easiest way for your audience to digest your content as well as the amount of time you have to devote to the creation of the lead magnet.

It’s important to have a lead magnet to keep leads flowing in so don’t choose a type of lead magnet that will take you too long to create and cause you to procrastinate.

Here are a few ideas, but there are many others you could try:

  • Video or Audio
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Checklist
  • Quiz/Questionnaire

PROMOTION and DELIVERY: The last round of tips have to do with promoting and delivering your lead magnet to get it in front of as many prospects as possible so it can do its job. After all, your lead magnet doesn’t help you much if you aren’t getting traffic to it.

6. Create a dedicated landing page for your lead magnet
7. Put it on social media
8. Add it to your navigation bar on your website
9. Use your thank-you page
10. Create a follow-up sequence

Remember, the quality of your email list is a direct reflection of your lead magnet. If you have people on your list who don’t open your emails, don’t engage and don’t buy from you, it’s probably time to rethink your lead magnet—the content, the type or the way you’re promoting it.

We know you’re busy and often doing many jobs at once. However, each day you don’t have an effective lead magnet is another day you have to do the hard work of prospecting yourself. Strong lead magnets and MQLs save you time in the long run and ensure customers will keep coming back for your products and services.

So, let’s make this easier. Reach out to us here and we’ll discuss how we can help you create a lead magnet that attracts more qualified leads to your business.

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