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Why Your Marketing Results May Not Matter

When looking at your marketing efforts, the main focus is probably on the results that were achieved. Maybe that sounds obvious. After all, that’s how ROI is proven, right?

Because you’ve learned that it’s more than just working hard, it’s the results that are achieved…

So it makes sense.

If you are a marketer or work with a marketing agency, you have probably cranked out many blog posts, offers and emails over the years. And you feel pretty good about the work that has been done. But maybe… just maybe… your business still isn’t turning the profit you hoped it would. And this can be disappointing, especially when the results are saying otherwise.

Before dusting your hands off and saying my work here is done — let’s explore that niggling feeling in the back of your mind because you’re on to something important.

What have “results” actually gotten you?

You may have recognized that business is about more than just “working hard.” You may also understand that customers and clients aren’t paying you because you have a new product. Additionally, customers and clients aren’t paying for the hard work you’ve done or the families that need fed.

As marketers or as liaisons with marketing agency partners, we use a few key metrics to determine whether we have done everything that has been asked.

We look at visitors to the website, clicks on blog posts, names on an email list, and likes on social media posts and whether our stated goals have been met — we chalk it up to a good day of marketing.

What if you forgot about results and focused on this instead?

Thinking that just filling the funnel is what constitutes good marketing is what contributes to the tension between sales and marketing. The tension has been previously covered — there are many times when sales and marketing are on different pages when it comes to what’s working and what’s not.

But before getting frustrated and discarding the metrics, remember that focusing on data is extremely important to the success of any business. What if metrics and results focused on attention and lead generation were only part of the equation?

What if the focus shifted to outcomes?

Now, before thinking that outcomes and results are basically the same thing because they are synonyms, consider the subtle difference between the two. A small difference that has the potential to make a significant impact on the profitability of your business.

Think about this — a blog is posted and garners hundreds of views, but no one completes the call-to-action form at the end. The form to receive the content upgrade checklist. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the reader will apply what was learned from the blog post. The blog becomes just another article glossed over.

Yes, in the previous scenario, you did get a result. The result was hundreds of page views. If page views are the only measurement, then success has been achieved. Or so it seems. The problem is, the blog failed to get anyone to take a definitive action and move closer to the sale.

Of course, not every person will be converted right away (if at all). Content marketing is a long game. However, it still proves that if you are only looking at one metric, you aren’t getting the whole picture.

One more example:

Hypothetically, you have created a whitepaper that will be a lead magnet on your website. The purpose being to entice visitors into joining your email list. This page is viewed by someone who is not a decision maker within a company you do business with. This person enters their information to download the whitepaper.

While a result was achieved, the desired outcome was not. The desired outcome was to have a highly qualified decision maker download the whitepaper, sign up for the list, read the e-mails and ultimately buy the products.

How do you develop a Target Account Profile and why do you need one?

Outcome marketing is not about trying to get as many leads in the funnel as possible and hope for the best on the other end. No, it’s about targeting the ideal customer. And it’s not just ANY ideal customer, but the one who is most likely to achieve exactly what your product or service was designed to deliver.

To find your most successful customer, answer the following questions on customer engagement:

  • What does my product or service DO?
  • Who is my product or service MADE FOR?
  • How and where can I put meaningful, relevant messages in front of those individuals?

Business owners and marketing professionals should have one goal: to teach, help and serve through marketing efforts. Use that goal to determine the customer who will get the best outcomes, use the product or service in the way it was envisioned, and will continue to purchase from you.

Keeping that one goal in mind will truly help align sales, marketing and clients. When turning prospects into loyal customers to your brand, it doesn’t matter how many people view your blog post or sign up for your e-mail list. A smaller number of truly engaged people paying attention to your business will help propel the business to grow.

What’s Next?

We suggest thinking about the desired outcomes you want clients and customers to achieve. Think that everyone who isn’t currently a customer is in “State A” and wants to get to a “State B.” How do they use your product or service to experience that transition?

A harsh reality is people might not want your product or service and might not care how great it is. Above all else, they may prefer the OUTCOME that the product or service will provide. They want to know how the product or service will enhance their lives.

Fulfill your product’s promise. Make sure the customer gets everything out of the product and more. Doing so is how you create customers for life.

What are our products and services? Marketing for YOUR business. So please reach out to us. At AKC Marketing and Consulting we strive to give you every outcome you desire from your marketing.

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