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In these uncertain times, business owners have had to adapt, and many are in new territory as they continue serving their clients. For many, this includes conducting client meetings virtually.

If you’re used to having in-person face time with clients, this can be an adjustment. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult — especially if armed with these five practical ideas to help improve your virtual client meetings.
Negative comments about your business are going to happen eventually. While it may be soothing to believe it won't happen, the reality is that our ultra-connected world makes it easy for us to share our opinion on anything. Rather than dread it, this inter-connected, social media-driven world can be an opportunity to better manage and counter negative feedback.
Digital marketing isn't optional anymore, but how do you determine what's providing the best ROI for your business?
Have you thought about your digital marketing budget for 2020 yet?
When looking at your marketing efforts, the main focus is probably on the results that were achieved. But what have your results actually gotten you?
If you're looking to spice up your summer months or enjoy a sweet treat, check out some of our favorite recipes from the team at AKC Marketing!
If you're worried about your content getting lost in the shuffle, it's time to learn how visuals can help your words stand out and above the rapid flow of content online.
Your ideal prospects are out there, waiting for someone to solve their problems.
You can't avoid social media and be a competitor in 2019. You need a strategy and to pick the best platforms for your content. Find out why a less-is-more approach could be the best social media strategy.
As your prospects move down the sales funnel past the Consideration stage, how do you lock them in to choosing your business? Without a strategy, you might be losing potential customers and not even know it.
Before you market your products or services and sometimes before you even create them, you have to intimately know your prospects and customers. This is known as creating a “buyer persona.”
Choosing a marketing agency is one of the toughest decisions a growing business can make. You need someone to partner with the expertise to grow your vision.
How do you get more people to look forward to hearing from you and to choose your products or services? It starts with knowing your customer.
Just having content isn't enough. You need to optimize and strategize to get the results you need.
Build a relationship with your reader, personalize and automate your message. Read more.
The New Year is here, and the world of social media is changing faster than ever. What’s in store for 2017? Read on to learn about a few trends we have our eye on.
We want to encourage people to give more thanks this year.
AKC took home the best-of-show for the Specialty Audiences category with its “Heritage Tractor Customer Acquisition Campaign” for John Deere Financial.
AKC Marketing has acquired DWebware
AKC Marketing is at the Farm Progress Show with our client Encirca Services. Stop and learn more about Encirca at the DuPont Pioneer tent.
At AKC Marketing we honestly assess the perception of your company. We push to market you above your competition. We do this by igniting your inner brand - focusing on what your true value to the marketplace is. To make it impossible to be ignored in your industry.
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