Pivot Bio 

Dimensional Billboard

Custom Installation

Outstanding in the Field

We’ve all seen them, lined up along highways and interstates like shining beacons of product placement. Billboards. Maybe not as common as they once were, billboards can still make an impact on an audience base.

But if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? Maybe some different words and a photo swap, but billboards are pretty set in stone. At AKC Marketing, we don’t think so. There is a lot of creativity left in this roadside medium, and we proved it with our client Pivot Bio. This custom billboard won a 2021 Bronze Obie Award for custom installations.

Pivot Bio OUTDOOR-1

The Opportunity

We wanted to create something that was not only eye-catching, but wholly unique while also emphasizing that the product we are promoting — Pivot Bio PROVEN® — is more productive. What better way to showcase that than to turn your billboard into a 40-foot-tall corn stalk?

The Implementation

The billboard took center stage during our 2020 marketing campaign. Getting the word out on a new product can be tough. At times it may seem like stalking, but really it’s just us keeping our ear to the ground. There is a kernel of truth in all marketing, but really this billboard is just our attempt at buttering up the audience, as corny as it may seem.

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