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Blogs are a staple of any company and a perfect medium for telling interesting and unique stories. With a staff of copywriters — many of whom are former journalists — AKC specializes in finding and telling those stories. By digging in deep, putting the interviewee at ease and having an honest conversation, we are able to tell a compelling story that portrays our client in the best possible light.

By featuring customers in blog posts, the story also works as a testimonial, further pushing readers down the funnel to a potential sale. This is especially important with a client like Lely, which has a long lead time for customers. The blog performed well and even won second place for blogs at the 2022 Region 3 Nama awards.

The Opportunity

There is still a lot of reservation from dairy producers when it comes to making the leap from traditional methods to using Lely automation. This blog highlights Knigge Farms, the first U.S. farm to utilize robotic milking. For more than 20 years, the family has used Lely robots to feed and milk their cows. It’s become so ingrained in the way they operate, they couldn’t envision doing it any other way. In fact, their grandson, now 18, only knows about dairy automation.

The Knigge family is very relatable and readers can see themselves and their operation in the family’s farm. The reader can see how Lely robots changed the Knigge’s lives for the better and how they wouldn’t go back to the old ways. The reader should feel connected to the story and think, ‘If it worked for them, it can work for us.’

The Implementation

By highlighting how well dairy automation has worked for this family and how it is a long-term solution for many dairy producers, readers are moved down the funnel toward potential sales. It is written in a way that slowly brings the reader to the realization that automation is a viable option for their dairy operation. It does this by putting their fears to rest and answering the questions every producer has going into the change to automation.

At the bottom of the blog, readers could claim a $5,000 manufacturer discount on each Lely Astronaut A5 robotic milking system or Lely Vector automatic feeding system they purchased.

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