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Branding the "Agri-tainment"

Pivot Bio Originals is a collection of shows that cover agricultural content that farmers care about, and each show features a unique conversion opportunity for known farmers to enter the CRM. The Ultimate Farm Truck follows the build and giveaway of the Ultimate Farm Truck. The Farmers’ Table is a roundtable discussion amongst farmers where they cover the most pressing issues in agriculture. Farm Next is a Shark Tank-style show that connects ag innovators with industry experts. Ag States of America takes viewers on a tour of what makes each state unique when it comes to working the land and producing the food Americans love. Money Grab in the Cab features comedian and host Ben Bailey as he brings his unique style of trivia from the Big Apple to the fields of the Midwest. The Nitrogen Dilemma is a documentary exploring nitrogen and its role in the greatest environmental challenge of our time.

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The Opportunity

The idea behind Pivot Bio Originals was to create a series of original shows made with the farmer in mind. Or, as we like to call it, “Agri-tainment.”

Creating brand-new shows required a lot of branding effort and forethought. How do you create unique, highly individualized shows while keeping an overarching look and feel?

The Implementation

Pivot Bio Originals is a collection of shows (The Ultimate Farm Truck, The Farmers’ Table, Farm Next, Money Grab in the Cab, Ag States of America and The Nitrogen Dilemma). Each show had its own landing page, allowing for a more one-off feel. However, a Pivot Bio Originals Pillar Page was created as a central hub for all content, bringing these individual brands together to make one cohesive story.

The Results


New Farmer Contacts

Overall, 13,040 new farmer contacts added in 2022, was a 152% increase from the same time in 2021.


Web Traffic

Web traffic to the Ultimate Farm Truck web page accounted for the second-most view totals in 2022, behind only the PivotBio.com home page.



The Pivot Bio Originals E-Newsletter deployed 410,749 emails with an average open rate of 20.35%

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