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Getting contacts into the funnel is important, but it is just the first step in their journey to becoming a customer. The more we can learn about those contacts in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the more effectively we can nurture them as leads. But bombarding them with lengthy forms at the outset of their Customer Journey may have the opposite intended outcome.

By implementing Smart Level Forms, we are able to break the data-gathering process down into stages, making it less onerous for your contacts. Each time they attempt to access gated content, we have the opportunity to learn more about them without ever asking too much all at once.

The Opportunity

The price of admission to gated content typically is the completion of a form requesting some basic information (email address, state of residence, etc.).

Having valuable gated content provides opportunities to not only add contacts to the CRM, but also learn more about the existing contacts by using Smart Forms. Each time a prospect engages with gated content and completes a new form, we learn more about them and are better able to tailor material specifically to the individual, helping increase the likelihood of a conversion.

The Implementation

Using Smart Content functions within our CRM enhances the value of all forms. By applying logic to the forms, they become dynamic, allowing more information to be collected.

Each time a contact accesses gated content, they will be greeted with an evolving form seeking increasingly detailed information. If a contact previously completed a Level 1 form, the Level 2 form will populate the next time they access gated content. Each level digs deeper, gathering crucial data bit-by-bit without ever overwhelming the contact.

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