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The Ultimate Farm Truck

Giving Away the Ultimate Farm Truck

The Ultimate Farm Truck follows the construction and giveaway of the ultimate farm truck. The show stars Diesel Power Gear, the cast of the reality television series Diesel Brothers, a show that has aired on the Discovery Channel since 2016, and follows a group of friends in Utah who repair and customize pickup trucks.

Promoting the creation and eventual giving away of the Ultimate Farm Truck required a heavy digital approach, including banners, videos, social media ads and more.

We were heavily invested in targeting known farmers to add to our CRM. As the goal was to add farmer contacts leading into sales season, that aligned perfectly with our challenge of greatly increasing known contacts for our client.




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The Opportunity

Utilize the Pivot Bio Original show the Ultimate Farm Truck to add new known farmer contacts to the CRM prior to Sales Launch.

This original content needed to be promoted digitally nation-wide to attract as many farmers as possible.

The Implementation

To reach the amount of farmers required to meet the client's goals and expectations, a heavy digital approach was used. The Ultimate Farm Truck was promoted across the web using banner ads, video promotions, social media ads and more.

A large number of contacts were created from paid Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google ads.

The Results


Site Views

The Ultimate Farm Truck page received a lot of traffic in a very short amount of time thanks to strong digital ads.


New Contacts

Ads helped drive traffic to the site, where visitors converted on forms, ultimately resulting in nearly 5,000 new farmer contacts.


Minutes on Page

Not only were visitors converting at a high rate, but those that arrived via digital ads spent a long time on the page, watching content and interacting with other page elements.

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