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Consumers are constantly bombarded by advertisements. Catching and keeping their attention requires providing an immersive experience. Experiential marketing is all about creating a branded experience that leaves a memorable impact on the consumer. Ensuring a successful experiential marketing campaign requires the inclusion of three elements: 

  • Active participation and engagement from the audience
  • Promotion of the brand's message and values
  • Providing long-lasting value

In 2020, our client, Lely North America, was looking for a way to engage with a largely home-based audience during the height of the pandemic. Experiential Marketing was the right choice.


Lely Coffee mailer 2 COB

The Opportunity

Lely North America, a robotic milking technology company and dairy industry leader, wanted to provide an experiential marketing event for its top prospects where they could learn about the benefits of Lely solutions and work with local Lely Centers to close deals. The challenge resided in migrating from what would traditionally be an in-person function into an entirely virtual event.

The Implementation

Prospects received a direct mail invitation with coffee from a local Pella, Iowa, coffee shop. Once registered, a second pre-event mail piece containing a Dutch letter pastry and Lely tumbler was sent. By offering pieces of Lely North America's hometown known for its Dutch heritage, prospects could experience the company and the city from the comfort of their homes.

The Results



Strategically targeted group of Lely North America's bottom-of-funnel prospects with large dairy operations.

32  %


Approximately one-third of invitees actually attended the live-panel discussion.


Influenced Closed Deals

Using HubSpot tracking, the experiential marketing influenced 13 closed deals for the client.

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