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Event Support

2022 CARE Conference

Event Support

The Lely CARE Conference is one of the largest in-person and virtual events of the year for Lely North America. AKC Marketing helps support the planning and execution of the entire event as a full agency partner.

In addition to helping plan and implement content for the various training seminars and breakout sessions, AKC manages the marketing to employees, including emails,  SMS communications and other promotional materials. Not just limited to pre-event content, AKC also created the handouts, programs and in-event materials to ensure a seamless and engaging event.

Because the company has employees throughout the U.S. and Canada, a live-stream is also needed in addition to the in-person portion of the event. AKC's partner firm, REL Productions, handles all video components from concepting through broadcast and beyond.

The event was well-received by employees and planning for the 2023 CARE conference is well underway.

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The Opportunity

The 2022 Lely North America CARE Team Conference is an internal event focused on training and engaging Lely employees. The conference serves to educate customer-facing Lely employees on the latest products and services. By bringing all customer-facing employees together, a lot can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Training from the leadership team and small breakout sessions helped the employees hone their skills and take what they learned to the farm or Lely Center to help their customers.

The Implementation

To reach objectives and ensure many Lely employees attended the conference, emails, direct mailers and SMS messages were used to invite, inform and remind the invitees about the upcoming training. We also conducted several events before the conference to prepare employees and select which topics should be covered as points of emphasis. At the conclusion of the event, a survey was sent out to all attendees for feedback. The conference was well-received, and another conference is being planned for 2023.

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