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Barn Layout Workflow

Engagement on Autopilot

In the smartphone era, connection is a given. No matter where a customer or prospect is or what they’re doing, they’re just a click away.

Fortunately, with marketing automation, you can always meet your customers wherever they are. Through our partnership with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms like Hubspot, AKC Marketing has the ability to create a robust and engaging marketing automation workflow so that your customers receive relevant and actionable content right when they need it.

With our client, Lely North America, we are able to automate communications to help prospects along the buyer's journey while also keeping current customers in the know.

By providing a simple barn layout workflow, we are able to capture the attention of dairy farmers who are considering the switch to automation, as well as current customers who may be curious about other layout options. By providing downloadable content, we start that automated communication that helps turn prospects into customers, and customers into repeat customers.

At AKC, we know how to turn simple business transactions into lasting partnerships. Our automation plans are designed to inspire confidence in your business and the support services you provide. 

The Opportunity

Dairy operators are increasingly turning to robotic milking solutions. Finding adequate help has become a nearly insurmountable challenge for many farmers. Fortunately, companies like Lely North America offer automated solutions – like the Lely Astronaut A5 robotic milking system – that are efficient, reliable and affordable. 

However, farmers considering the switch might still be overwhelmed. AKC was tasked with finding a way to nurture those prospects and turn their hesitation into conviction. 

One of the primary challenges in making the switch to robotic milking is logistical. Farmers need to know if their barns can accommodate robots and, if so, how the machines could be arranged to promote cow health and maximize a return.

The Implementation

When a farmer downloads Lely barn layout literature, it’s a good sign that they’re at least interested in the product. By asking them to provide some basic information in exchange for the download, we bring those contacts into the marketing automation workflow. 

  • About 90 minutes after accessing gated content about generic barn layouts, prospects are sent a follow-up email for regional (based on user-provided addresses) barn layout ideas.
  • Additionally, the follow-up email includes a customer testimonial video from a real Lely operator in their area. 
  • The email also provides prospects with an easy way to schedule a barn assessment. And, perhaps most importantly, it puts them in touch with local Lely Centers, the bedrock of the company’s renowned service structure. 
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