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A Successful Season

Magazine Print Ads

The Missing Pieces

Print ads remain a critical piece of any marketing campaign. This is especially true in the agriculture industry. However, standing out from the crowd can be difficult. Farmers and decision makers see countless print ads and they all tend to blend together. At AKC Marketing, we aim for three things:

  • Be unique
  • Catch attention
  • Have a clear call to action

Any ad that meets these criteria is going to have success. This series of Pivot Bio print advertisements are a perfect example of blending eye catching visuals and color with a stand-out and consistent messaging. 



The Opportunity

Farmers know the volatile nature of synthetic nitrogen. However, until now, they haven’t had an alternative to the critical crop nutrient. We created a series of print ads to emphasize the fact that Pivot Bio offers farmers a more stable, and predictable, form of nitrogen. Because Pivot Bio is still a new company in the Ag space, these ads were largely to capture attention and raise brand recognition.

The Implementation

The ads were placed in a variety of magazines, including Top Producer Magazine, Successful Farming, and AgWeek, targeting innovators and influencers in the industry to help spread the message about Pivot Bio and its products. With more than 200,000 farm executives who read these publications, we were guaranteed to be in front of those making the farm input decisions for the coming year.

The Results

9  %

Brand Awareness Increase

32  %

Product Awareness Increase

PROVEN 40 Box Icon White
100  %

Available Product Sold
in 2022

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