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Lely Campus Grand Opening

Rolling Out the (Lely) Red Carpet

Anxious to get a first look at the newly completed Lely Park in Pella, Iowa, it was imperative that the media had access to events, spokespeople and compelling story angles surrounding the grand opening. Considering all parties involved, AKC developed a media and messaging strategy that would highlight the new campus as well as provide access to Lely company leaders and customers at the event.

With carefully laid out media logistics and photo opportunities throughout the grand opening, as well as scheduled time for interviews, AKC Marketing ensured that national ag and local media had the necessary resources available to properly cover the monumental event.

AKC Marketing designed, managed and staffed the event to showcase the Lely Park campus and business complex. Media were seated in special area that would allow them to take photos during the ceremony and obtain audio. Following the ceremony, media were able to tour the complex with Lely officials to obtain photos and had time for one-on-one interviews of company leaders.


In addition to the thousands of guests who attended the event, many top national agricultural publications as well as ag broadcasters and local media covered the event.

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The Opportunity

In 2020, Lely North America broke ground on what would become its new Lely Park Campus. Two years later, on Thursday, June 2, 2022, Lely officially opened the new facility to employees, stakeholders and the Pella community. The opening date was chosen specifically to kick off June Dairy Month. In addition to celebrating all things dairy, they celebrated how Lely, as the industry leader in dairy robotics, showcases its commitment to dairy innovation with a brand-new campus in Pella, Iowa. The program highlighted Lely, its rich history of innovation and its focus on sustainability in farming.

The Implementation

Preparations for the event included inviting Andre van Troost, CEO of Lely International, to speak . A customer roundtable, featuring Lely customers from North America and Canada was moderated by Chief Commercial Officer of Lely International Gijs Scholmanm. Guests of honor included Dutch Dignitaries and Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig.

Having high-profile guests meant that a carefully planned out media plan, with dedicated interview times and photo opportunities, was required.

The event was covered by local media and national industry media, resulting in top-tier coverage of the large event.

The Results

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Stories Written

Eight outlets, including Hoards Dairymen, Wallace's Farmer and the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman wrote stories about the Grand Opening.

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Between social media and reporter outreach, more than 360,000 people were informed about the Grand Opening.

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Through media outreach efforts, eight stories were generated resulting in the equivalent advertising value of $3,500.

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