Pivot Bio

Search Engine Optimization

Website Performance 

Website Performance

Search engines like Google are top drivers for organic search traffic. If someone can't find your website through search, you aren't going to make sales — it's that simple. Through search engine optimization, we analyze way search engines index webpages, improving their rank, and optimize your site so that you get noticed by your target audience. Other improvements related to SEO include:

  • Website Speed
  • User Experience
  • Increased credibility and authority

We evaluate our client' websites on a monthly basis for ways to improve their ranking. 

The Opportunity

Pivot Bio, makers of the first microbial nitrogen product, recently launched a new website. In addition to helping them create the site, we assisted them in increasing their website traffic and search engine rank by optimizing each page for web crawlers. 

The Implementation

Through SEO best practices and with the help of tools like SEMrush and Hubspot, we evaluate Pivot Bio's website on a monthly basis. During this review of their website, we correct any issues that decrease their ranking, making it easier for pages to be crawled, indexed and delivered to the desired audience. 

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