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June Dairy Month

Marketing Directed to Consumers

Each June, many in agriculture take the time to celebrate dairy, as June is Dairy Month. As a company that caters directly to dairy farmers, Lely North America tries to one-up itself each year. This year was no different, from a grand opening to working with an influencer, Lely’s June Dairy Month social campaign was larger than life. 

The social campaign had three facets:

  • #DIDJUNO? Lely facts with @IowaDairyFarmer
  • Ruby Red Cow Trivia
  • Special blog content, including the story of Lely and its founder.

The #DIDJUNO? posts with IowaDairyFarmer garnered nearly 1 million views, hundreds of comments and many shares. IowaDairyFarmer’s TikTok following of nearly 700,000 played a huge role and was why he was selected as an influencer and collaborator for this campaign.  

During this campaign, we learned that there are many different ways to educate. Many in the comments found IowaDairyFarmer videos informative and discovered robotic milking for the first time.

DIDJUNO not all dairies are the same?


Ruby Trivia


The Opportunity

Each June in the U.S., dairy is widely celebrated. This year, Lely North America kicked off the month by opening its brand-new Lely Park Campus in Pella, Iowa. This meant everything about June Dairy Month had to be HUGE. How do we keep the momentum going from the grand opening? By enlisting the help of an agricultural influencer - @IowaDairyFarmer. Dan, the @IowaDairyFarmer on TikTok and Instagram, has more than 690,000 followers and over 16 million likes on his videos. Dan is known for his talks about farm life, and more specifically, dairy life, dairy facts and dairy FAQs.

The Implementation

We worked with Dan to create four educational videos, opening with the explainer DID JUNO? The Juno is one of Lely’s products – so a perfect opening to utilize when asking the audience if they know what we’re about to talk about. Dan covered four topics in his four videos: Dairy farmers automating their feeding with the Lely Vector, the benefits of the Lely Calm, keeping barns clean with the Lely Discovery Collector and how different dairy farmers lay out their milking barns. With Dan’s large following on both TikTok and Instagram, we knew our videos would reach not only a dairy-centered audience but those who follow farming and agriculture as well. We also know, based on responses from Dan’s previous videos, even non-farming stakeholders find and watch his videos.

The Results


Video Views

@IowaDairyFarmer videos across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram garnered one million views during June Dairy Month.



@IowaDairyFarmer videos across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram created conversation because of their educational content.



@IowaDairyFarmer videos across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were shared over 500 times.

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