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How do you talk about what you can't see?

Mental Health can be difficult discuss despite its importance. Opening up about your mental health to friends and family can be challenging, and doing so with strangers even more so.

AKC was tasked with telling a global mental health story for Corteva Agriscience and how a group of employees in Australia and New Zealand partnered with a clothing company to spark conversations on mental health.

TradeMutt, a clothing brand for trade workers that feature funky, unique patterns, worked with Corteva to provide a line of customer shirts with the phrase "This is a Conversation Starter" on the back.

Telling this delicate story was a challenge AKC was readily up for and it resulted in something that was picked up and distributed globally by the company.

Two photos of men wearing shirts that read "this is a conversation starter"

The Opportunity

How to tactfully tell a story about mental health, an invisible, yet very real problem.

Mental health affects everyone, and those that work in siloed areas, like trade workers and farmers are statistically more susceptible than the general public.

Telling the story of how this issue is addressed by a global company in a meaningful way was a challenge.

The Implementation

AKC Marketing coordinated this global stories through a series of interviews with both U.S.-based and Australia-based Corteva Agriscience employees.

Each person told their story about mental health, how it affected them and what they were doing to combat the stigma around talking about mental health.

The story was distributed locally in the U.S., but was so popular, it was picked up and shared globally by Corteva.

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