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Picture this: Your business has just arrived at a trade show conference with hundreds of similar companies on display. How do you separate yourself from the competition and make the showing worth your investment? 

For the 2022 Commodity Classic, our client Pivot Bio asked that exact question. By creating an impressive and immersive experience, rather than just a stop along the way, we did just that.

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This custom booth featured a 20' x 14' semi-enclosed theater with 3D projection mapping effects, not just on the screen, but also on the floor and furniture inside. The outside of the theater also featured three large video monitors to draw in passers-by.

The entire booth was built around the theme of "Turning to a Better Nitrogen," with the story of nitrogen serving as the focal point of many of the visuals.

From Blueprint to Booth

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The Results



Potential customers attended the 2022 Commodity Classic.


Booth Visitors

Nearly half of Commodity Classic attendees stopped by Pivot Bio's booth.


Bags of Connect™ Snacks popcorn popped

This treat was available for booth attendees to enjoy.

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