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Predictable Moments in History

Putting a Bug in Their Ear

Radio is a lost art in today's marketing world. Often viewed alongside print advertisement as a relic of the past and not worth the effort, radio can be a valuable tool when done right, especially in agriculture-based marketing.

At AKC, our talented staff of writers can think outside the box and create ear-catching radio spots that engage, inform and entertain all in 30 to 60 seconds. Our work with Pivot Bio has demonstrated that. The Predictable Moments in history series kicked off with the invention of the forward pass, a breakthrough in the game, just like Pivot Bio's revolutionary products. Running these ads during football games just reinforced the scene we were setting and made the subliminal connection between fun sports and Pivot Bio products.     

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The Opportunity

The Pivot Bio brand continues to grow and AKC was given the chance to creatively promote the companies new products through a radio series.

Because Pivot Bio products are predictable, we wanted to juxtapose that with other obviously predictable moments in history. The radio series starts with the invention of football's forward pass.

Radio is a valuable medium in agriculture marketing. During planting and harvesting, farmers spend hours on end in their tractors and combines, often listening to radio. This is especially true during fall football games. We had the opportunity to capitalize on a captive audience with a football-themed radio spot.

The Implementation

By purchasing radio air time in strategic markets and timing them around ag-centric university football games, we were able to ensure that farmers would be listening when the first predictable moments radio spot was aired.

These radio spots were also made available to the vast sales representative network Pivot Bio employs. By adding a custom tag at the end of the spot, reps were able to play a customized version of the radio spot in their territories, helping to build brand awareness and drive sales.

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